"Time spent with Norah felt like an investment I was making in myself and I can 100% vouch for how that investment has now paid off" VB, Tooting - "I'm so pleased that Norah could help me change my life and then I could get better" HC, Surrey




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Life experiences can leave their impression on us  

Negative habits develop throughout our lives and although they seem to help us survive, they can also impede our flow of natural energy showing up as aches and pains in our bodies. 

When feelings of stress and trauma are suppressed they stay in our body and can leave us feeling disconnected, lacking in focus, short tempered and dysfunctional. This can affect relationships both at home and at work, our self-worth and even our fertility. Is this really how you want to live your life?

Using well known therapeutic tools such as:

Hypnotherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique), NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and Life Coaching together we will work through whatever is holding you back from having a life you love!

Don’t wait any longer feeling low, anxious or unfulfilled. Invest in your happiness with one of my intensive one-to-one courses and find the old you or maybe even reinvent a new you. Learn to focus your mind on what you want, transform your being and live the rest of your life to the full.

Read on to find the right course for you.


Chronic Illness Relief Programme

When you’ve been suffering for what seems like forever with a chronic illness that is debilitating and painful it’s not just your body that needs a rest. You need someone to look after your mind too and that support is often not available on the NHS. By using a combination of therapies and coaching techniques I can guide you down a path towards calm relief. Start living for now and take back control of your body. I have worked with many people experiencing the most serious of illnesses so I know what you’re up against. Let’s change the way you feel as quickly as we can so that you can focus on being well. 

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Fertility and Natural Birth Programme

Stress, tension and a myriad of other factors can get in the way of your fertility and healthy pregnancy. If you’re planning on starting a cycle of IVF, getting into the right frame of mind and taking care of your thoughts is as important as eating the right diet. My Fertility and Natural Birth Programme will gently support you during this frustrating time and make sure that when you do get the news you’ve been waiting for that you are mentally strong and prepared for the journey ahead. If you are preparing for birth the HypnoBirthing programme will help you improve your mental calmness enabling a relaxed and controlled birth. 

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Reclaim Your Mojo!

Have you lost your ‘mojo’? If you feel like you’ve lost your self-confidence, self-esteem, personal magnetism, sex appeal or inner charm then let me help you get them back.

The package includes three therapy sessions to help you get back on track, re-build your confidence and help you define your true potential, followed by a 3 hour makeover in your own home where you will learn new tips to help you make the best of your natural beauty. Forget the latest beauty treatment, there’s nothing like happiness to put the sparkle back in your step! 

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Relationship Relief Programme

Whether it’s trouble with your partner, children, relatives or friends disharmony in your home life is distracting and draining. Learn to trust yourself, follow your heart and value your individuality with life management techniques that will help strengthen your ‘inner being’ and release you from the burden of indecision fast. My therapeutic toolkit will be personalised for your particular circumstances giving you the answers you need at this stressful point in your life. 

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Weight Management Programme

Stop yo-yo dieting! Let’s get to the heart of the matter fast. There’s a reason why you are putting on weight and I can help you recognise the behaviours behind your eating habits and put you back in control of your body and your health. This six session programme will help you feel positive about your body and your diet. It will help you to only eat when you’re hungry and to feel normal around food. Lose weight the healthy and enjoyable way.

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Work Related Stress programme

You’re putting your all into your work and getting nothing but back ache and anxiety for your trouble. Work related stress is on the increase and you need to find a way to deal with it fast. I’ll teach you coping mechanisms, relaxation techniques and provide personalised coaching. By the time you’ve completed this three session programme you’ll be back in charge of your career and maybe even looking forward to Monday mornings! 

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